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Are you in for the views? Sightseeing is good when inside a city or an adventure in the coasts, but it becomes different when you’re up in the air admiring the view. Air sightseeing tours present the city in a completely different light; tall buildings become tiny, and the city map comes to live in the breeze of the moment. It is always a private tour that often requires one to four persons depending on the booked helicopter. Its privacy gives travelers the option to enjoy an undiluted sightseeing experience where you can take beautiful pictures and videos from the height with your loved ones. The pilot will keep swinging the helicopter from one side of the city to the other, leaving you to soak up the views undisturbed. Some helicopter tours come with audio commentary as you fly over the city’s ambience.

Another great thing about flight tours is that helicopters can fly at low altitude to give breathtaking close-up views of wildlife areas and city tall buildings. Other forms like the hot air balloon tours which can be found in desert areas are good to explore in the afternoon from a reasonable height alongside your family. Furthermore, there is no age limit to this experience and it can be taken anytime of the day. In fact, many prefer to go under the night sky as the illuminated buildings provide a star-like background to any picture or video they make. In addition to many luxury helicopter tours, there is an availability of multilingual pilots that deliver a great service to keep passengers entertained as they fly over it all.

Only the best tickets from the best ticket providers give the best experience. This is why we carefully handpicked each helicopter ticket below by reading honest travelers’ reviews. This helps us determine the right tour that has provided a stress-free service to travelers over the years. We also compare prices of these tickets from top suppliers. This is to provide an option for both the big spenders and budget travelers alike. Included in each ticket is the right information you need to help your decision. Everything you need has been provided, what are you waiting for?

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